Jun 222016

Would you buy a smartwatch but don’t know yet which model to get around? I know what you mean. Now there are so many smartwatch into trade, of every size, type and price, which is really hard to find your way around.

How about if we try to understand something more about analyzing, together, the main features that you have to look at before buying a smartwatch? It won’t be long, I promise.

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Jun 072016

Two rings of light, a cool and futuristic design and a pair of LED curved around her wrist, Kisai Seven , brings an ultra-modern what is essentially a conventional clock look.

It may seem unconventional, has two rings, each points mark the hours and minutes just like a normal wrist watch so it is easy to read at first glance.

The inner ring is the hour hand and the outer ring is the minute hand. There is a dark section empty, in each ring, which literally indicates the time. The lights around the wrist are not only decorative object but help pinpoint the exact minutes by lighting segments.

Two bright LED rings, showing the hours and minutes.

To prove it, check out the image below. You can see clearly the inner ring has a dark section pointing to 9 and the outer ring is pointing up, so time is 9:00.

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May 242016

Plus Size dresses and stripped for the 2016 Summer

Hello girls, how are things? I’m fine!

In my mission of plus size vintage clothing to indicate to you, I found this gorgeous plus size dress in Olook. The Olook is a store that has a big catalog, quality, good prices and which launched its line of plus size fashion soon called Olook Curves. Yes, another one surrendered to our little bodies large and our credit cards.

All kidding aside, it’s nice to have this option in the world of clothes for fatties. Thanks, Olook, welcome!

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May 202016

Orthopedic shoes are shoes used for correction in some structural problems of the human body. They are routinely prescribed by doctors specializing in orthopedics to correct training problems corrections feet or different physiology. Back problems and foot digs training, for example, can be corrected with this type of footwear.

Orthopedic boots were not ordinary shoes, but custom in specialty stores and no distinctive design. All were black, hard and many children complained because they had to use so made shoes to go to school and not colored shoes as most of the boys and girls of his age.

As Orthopedic Shoes Work?

Orthopedic shoes in vintage style are often prescribed by internetages in the early years of childhood when trouble walking and bone formation are noticed. Children are commonly noticed problems stepping foot outside or inside, rotational deformity called the lower limb. When perceived early, the child can use the shoe and help solve the problem 100% chance to walk normally.

Natural feet and legs in shape, growing naturally and well, is to walk pointing forward. Children with problems can turn your feet slightly or grossly inside or out. When the feet turned inward, more serious injuries can occur because the knee constantly will play.

The orthopedic shoe, then forces the floor of the children of traditional and correct form for your posture and bone formation. Not a quick treatment can last more than two years the accessory use, but is painless compared and better compared to a bone correction surgery and problems in posture and walking that may arise in the future. Even pain when walking children or teenagers may already feel.

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May 112016

That makeup is all good, and something else… that every woman you know! A good make can be a big help in those days when you think you, or show up that apagadinha spine hideous when dawned with dark circles do any panda bear, anyway … what woman doesn’t like to spend hours in front of a mirror trying on shadows, eyelashes, lipstick and stuff? Play with your products, creating super productions. Ok, all love, isn’t it? But … and it’s time to keep that true arsenal of products, how to do? Well, because this is a problem for many women out there, we give some tips for you to organize makeup, interested? So, keep reading!

Time to keep with makeup sets

Time to keep your cosmetics, never choose the bathroom… you usually put on makeup in the bathroom, there’s no space to fit all… well, for a variety of reasons many women end up electing the bathroom as the place to store their products, but this is wrong! Believe me, the humidity and constant temperature change that damage the environment and diminish their useful time product, so hurry up and take them out of there as soon as possible. Keep your makeup in a location away from moisture and light, as bright spots can dry out or damage the products.

Time to organize makeup

Yes, organize makeup can be a real problem for those who are more… shall we say, messy! But, if you have a desk, a dressing table, a coffee table old plays in a corner, left at home, how about giving a renewed, paint it and book it to be his corner? Ok, you don’t have any of these options, and less space for them, so check out these tips that help organize makeup even within your wardrobe:
– Brushes: to organize, let’s start with the cosmetic brush. Buy a wide-mouth glass or a ceramic flower vase, filled with small pebbles and colourful or anything else, like, marbles, beans, beads and crave your brushes inside, as if they were flowers.
Believe me, it’s a great option, as well as look beautiful, facilitates the drying of the bristles and the.
– Lipstick: the task of organizing makeup is just beginning. Time to get the lipsticks and lip gloss, try to keep them in plastic boxes, acrylic.

Or, if you prefer, you can also separate them for smaller jars, leaving them standing up and putting on lipstick shades similar in each, making that color scale, is pretty cool!
– Masks, and pencil eyeliners: on the third step to organize makeup, let’s accommodate the masks, and pencil eyeliners. Leave them on display in separate pots for each product, a tip is to buy or adapt glasses, cups or bottles of glass that does not use to this, today there are gorgeous models on the market. A cool tip is to use a jar of each color, or make a composition.
– Compact products: Ufa, organize my makeup. The compact products fit very well in a drawer organizer, choose one that supports your collection and put on each drawer only one product type (if you have many, of course), such as shadows, blushes, illuminators and compact powders.
– Shadow palettes, stick or tube and primers: Organize makeup is knowing that the major products or who have more volume, fit best in baskets organizers that can be made of plastic, metal or Wicker.

Well, that’s it, I hope you enjoyed the diquinhas to organize makeup! Do you have any other suggestions? Share it here with us!

May 042016

If you are tired of the sameness and the neutral colors of your home but you just have a headache when thinking about the work to paint the walls, there is a very practical solution to your problem.

Wall stickers are gaining prominence in the decoration market, so we gathered in this guide all you need to know to apply them in your environment and leave your modern house with character. Check it.

The stickers are cheap ornaments and they have the ability to break the monotony of any room. They may value different decorating styles, such as retro, contemporary, romantic or fun, so when you choose, it is important that they comply with the rest of the room decor.

Finding them is easy: many online stores such as wholesaleably.com offer walls stickers in a multitude of designs and shapes and decorative physical stores also sell the product.

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Apr 262016

Instagram has become a veritable institution, when it comes to sharing pictures and videos on the Internet. However, since the acquisition by Facebook, many privacy concerns in the minds of flying around. Reason enough to you a selection of to present photo-sharing apps, which are suitable as Instagram alternative.

Pixlr-O-Matic With Retro Designs

The photo-sharing app Pixlr-o-matic puts focus on the post-processing of images with ready-made effects: it offers you more than 20 effects and 30 light effects, as well as about 30 different frames that you can put around your photos. Many of the optical gimmicks based on retro designs to enhance the images later. Here you can combine the different effects also freely with each other. The edited photos can upload then directly on Facebook or via the application’s own service. Pixlr-o-matic is free for Android and iOS available.

Flickr: For Creative Commons

Flickr is also often called the photo community – the term takes delivery of the service to the point. With the app, your digital pictures and videos you can upload and fitted with filters. The images or entire galleries can be divided easily through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Other users of the application can rate your photos and comment. If you know your pictures with the Creative Commons license, you give the ability to edit the photos and also other users. The Yahoo Flickr app is free available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Eyeem Offers Real Time Filters

EyeEm like Flickr is a photo community, which offers a private social network for sharing and discovering the photos. Similarly as with Instagram also there are a number of ready-made effects, that the images can be provided upon admission. In contrast to many comparable Instagram alternatives, you have also the possibility to take the pictures with real-time filters – with EyeEm and these should incorporate not only with hindsight. Except in its own community, you can post the photos also on other social networks such as Facebook. The app EyEm is free and is available for iOS and Android in the respective app stores for downloading.

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Apr 242016

The Royal Spanish Academy gives its definition “company commercial, industrial, etc. made up of a small number of employees and with a moderate volume of billing.”

For the dictionary of Economics is “the set of companies, that within the EEC, it is considered that they do not exceed two of the following three requirements: numbers of employees (50 for small, medium 250);” “annual sales in million ECU (two for small, eight for medium) and total UCE million assets (one for small business and four medium).”

However, it should be noted that its definition also depends on the country, because for some, the concept of SMEs is associated with the number of employees between 11 and 50. Instead in Argentina, for example, classification is made according to their annual sales and to its heading.

“When he was fired from the graph, teamed up with his brother and together founded an SME which ended up being provider of inputs from his previous work”. It refers in this case to one of the origins of this type of companies.

“The owner of the SME, who is also its director, carries tight control of costs for not having financial problems.” Here applies to the control that is performed in this type of companies to avoid falling into illiquidity.

“Before taking a new employee in the SME, evaluates all candidates and the most flexible and creative are taken into account.” In this example he points out some of the conditions that are required for employees who work in these companies.

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Apr 222016

Will the iPhone 6 with 5.5-inch screen not only in its size and possibly exclusive Sapphire Crystal Display differ from the 4.7-inch model? The camera of the larger version might have a much higher quality, as analysts at KGI securities according to 9to5Mac suspect.

Therefore, the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 from two good reasons will equipped with an expensive, optical image stabilizer. On the one hand this is offered simply, because the production volumes of the large version are clear. On the other hand, Apple need just more features with which the great iPhone 6 from the 4.7-inch device will differ. Therefore it should not be at the smaller of the two new Apple Smartphone a more compact equipment with identical features.

Also The Camera Of The iPhone 6 With 4.7-Inch Display Is Revised

The camera of the great iPhone 6 should allow for better shots as the already good camera in the iPhone 5 s. But also the 4.7-inch Smartphone will receive an update according to KGI for the installed camera. So, the technique, which is installed in the current iPhone 5 s will modernised for the smaller iPhone 6, so that owners can benefit from a faster focus and less energy consumption. The experts at KGI are also sure that the camera of the smaller will convince iPhone 6.

The more complex camera in the iPhone 6 to 5.5-inch display should continue to measure the distances to points in the picture during a recording and constantly provide the auto focus with current data. On other models, focus points are registered just before the recording, so that an image can wiggle faster. What the iPhone 6 else to can you we have compiled our rumor overview.